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Our Innovative Double Sided Pill Organizer
 The Meds-Pro 14-Day Double Sided Pill Organizer is a perfect union of form and function.  Designed with you in mind, it has more design and usage features than any other dispenser on the market today. 

Here we highlight many of those features along with corresponding photos, showing you precisely why this is the foremost pill organizer you can buy for yourself and your loved

  1. Groundbreaking double-sided design holds 2-weeks' worth of medication with 4 daily dose compartments.
  • Each side has 7 columns with 4 rows of pill compartments for Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night doses.
  • Clear slats for easy compartment viewing, allowing the user to know which dosages have been taken and which remain.
  • Easy to read days and intervals, ensuring that every dose is taken at the proper time.
  • Large pull tabs allow for the raising and lowering slats with ease--users pull tab out slightly to unlock & lift.

       2.    Designed to be the most methodized dispenser on the market, providing accurate doses while keeping you on schedule.

  • Slats are removable, so 2-weeks' worth of pills can be easily pre-organized, all at one time.
  • E-Z front-loading design.  When in use, pills conveniently slide out the bottom of each compartment.

       3.    Our Double Sided Pill Organizer was made to be a reflection of what we believe in as a company.

  • Priced less than all other comparable dispensers made by our peers.
  • Used by individuals who take daily doses of medication, vitamins, herbal supplements, and great for travel.
  • Proudly manufactured, assembled, and distributed in the U.S.A.

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